Robert Burns

I am remarkably gratified to find myself popularly held in esteem as amongst the world’s leading authorities on Robert Burns in performance, both in rhyme and in song.

Whether you seek for a speaker to deliver The Immortal Memory, The Address to the Lassies or another specific toast, or whether your supper requires someone to deliver recitations of Burns’s work, you have all at your disposal with a single call. Experienced organisers will frequently get me on their books two or three years in advance, so that whatever role they cannot fill will fall in my lap. I’m happy to provide you such a service.

I am very proud to be one of only two individuals to have held all four adult titles for recitation of Burns’s work and have perhaps three hours of Burns poetry committed to memory and the same again in song. There absolutely will be something to fit your event perfectly, be it the standard Haggis Address, Tam o’ Shanter and Auld Lang Syne, or the virtually unknown The Dream, Halloween or Kenmure’s on an’ awa.

I presently serve as Chairman of the Edinburgh Burns Club and a member of the Bowhill Peoples’ Burns Club. I am a Friend of Ellisland, a Tarbolton Bachelor and Bandmaster of the Crochallan Fencibles.

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