Master of Ceremonies

The key skill in successful communication is a hard one to teach. It is the ability to “read a room”. A range of registers is vital to engaging an audience. This is why you might meet Cammy or you might meet Cameron. The one is fun and ebullient, the other dignified and authoritative. You don’t need to choose — I know which is required in any given context.

As an M.C., I enjoy feeling an audience fall under my spell. That should go without saying, but something which few people in an audience, or indeed event organisers, give a great deal of thought to is “the locker room” – or in our context “the green room” – vibe. It is vital that everyone who is going to grace your stage feels comfortable with each other and with the guy who is to introduce them. Again, if you seek bona fides from colleagues I have worked with in the past – or indeed just check out my Facebook – you’ll discover entertainers of all stripes entirely at ease in my company. That’s not a coincidence; it’s an important part of my craft.

You can relax in the knowledge that everyone about to take your stage will be as happy and as motivated as her or his own abilities allow.

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