So, you’re putting together a party barely semi-literate in Scottish culture, but you know you want to get them into kilts and swinging round the dance floor like hoolies? No problems whatsoever. I can even help with kilt hire.

Whether you already have a band, or need me to provide one; whether you’re tight for space and just want to use your disco or whether indeed you’d like me to fling in some ceilidh amidst further DJ work you’re already anticipating from me; whether you have visitors from elsewhere in the world or whether you just need a reminder for your guests before we begin, I’ve got your back.

I regularly work with some of our finest Scottish traditional musicians. Putting together a dream team is a pleasure for me and will be bliss itself to your guests. Just be candid with your budget and we can discuss your best options from a full traditional six-piece downward.

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