Bands, DJing and solo vocals

One of the cornerstones of my craft has been as an established wedding and functions musician. I have formed and fronted so many bands over my thirty-odd year career that I find it difficult to remember them all. Again the focus for me has always been on the audience.

Perhaps you want a vibrant ceilidh or awesome covers from the sixties through to the present day. Could be that you crave soul and blues, or maybe your ideal vibe will be Dixieland jazz. You might be after laid back swing or upfront Bavarian oompah; in-your-face punk or full-on metal. Really push me to my limits – ask for a Trinidadian steel band or brassy Baraat ensemble. I’ve honestly done it all and have an address book to back up my claims.

Or supposing you just need a front man. Happy to do a few sets with backing tracks to keep the costs modest and spin the decks for the remainder of the night. Again, you dictate the pace. I’ve DJd since the 1990s and fill floors with impunity.

Tell me what you need and let me wave my magic wand. Heck, I’ve even been known to commit Country and Western.

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