You’re keen to maximise profit for your fundraiser. I’m more than happy to upsell your lots.

I would imagine that your committee are going to go to a great deal of trouble to source some pretty amazing experiences and treasures. Nothing can be more embarrassing – particularly if the donor happens to be present – than finding that the lot sells for significantly less than face value. It shouldn’t happen and not on my watch!

I’m also more than happy to run any raffles, heads or tails, silent auctions or whatever else you have in mind. Just because the point of your evening is fundraising, don’t make the mistake of devoting huge amounts of time to it. You’ll maximise your donations if you make sure your guests are motivated to give and the best way to do that is to let down their guard.

Your guests will come alive and you’ll be amazed what a brimming enthusiasm can achieve. My aim is to be adored by your diners: that way, I win their trust. Once your guests are fully aware of what the goals of your fundraising efforts are, they will frequently open their pocketbooks to a level you may have thought unachievable.

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